Wedding Planner

Luxury Wedding Destination Planner

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important events of your lives. Six Sens is aware of perfection and exclusiveness that such commitment requires.

Our company is specialized in designing and coordinating spectacular and unique weddings, we offer a professional and personalized service that assure our clients peace during the planning process emphasizing special dedication on the day of your wedding.

As Wedding designers, we create unique concepts that reflect the personality and taste of the couple, designing services tailored to your needs and expectations.

SIX SENS EXPERIENCE is composed of emotions, concepts and messages. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of your dreams. We are creative architects, experts in creating experiences and surprises. Together, we want to implement the SIX SENS EFFECT at your wedding. We propose you to create an unforgettable destination wedding experience, based on the 5 senses. Together, we will develop a sixth sense for your wedding, creating an experience of service, emotion, surprise, joy and fun, imagining for you and your guests an extraordinary wedding destination.

Every wedding begins with a dream … in Six Sens we commit to yours.

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