Aurélie Adant

Born in Belgium, Aurélie graduated in sociology and management at the University of Brussels. 

Her experience in the world of events began in Europe where she worked in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. 

She arrived in Mexico in 2006 with the idea of starting her own business in the coordination of weddings and events that will be called Six Sens, Wedding Planner – Wedding Destination. 

Founder and director of the company Six Sens wedding planner, Aurélie put her ideas and professional discipline at contribution to realize the wedding destination of your dreams in Mexico and all over the world. 

We invite you to visit the Youtube canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC76wGNjCxgoCZKrfMOyD81Q without forget Facebook and Instagram.

Over the years, Six Sens wedding planner created by Aurelie Adant is consolidating. Aurelie’s taste for decoration makes that weddings she organizes are extremely stylishm, unforgettable and always at the forefront. Aurelie is in a constant training over the wedding destination with the following recognitions:

  • Program of Event Business Management by Blue Events.
  • Creator of WOW Experiences by Carmen Obregón.
  • Finance workshop for Events Business by Melanie Ramone.
  • Workshop “business plan” by Toda mi Boda.
  • Workshop “Tu marca personal” by Blue Events.
  • Workshop “Social media planning” by Blue Events
  • Workshop “Reinventa tu Negocio” by Luxury Events
  • Workshop of coaching and business competitivity by Livera.
  • Workshop “Reactivate: descuadra tu mente” by Ronny Ricaurte.
  • Destination Wedding Specialist Association Int.
  • Congress of Destination Wedding Planner 2019 in Dubai (DWP).
  • Congress of Destination Wedding Planner 2018 in Los Cabos, Mexico (DWP).
  • Congress latinoamerican of Weddings and special Events.
  • Wedding Destination BDFAM Puerto Vallarta & Riviera Nayarit.
  • Wedding Destination BDFAM San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato.
  • Wedding Destination BDFAM Chiapas.
  • Wedding specialist Yucatan.
  • Wedding planner specialist Hotel Esencia Riviera Maya.

Supported by an international quality team of wedding planners, Aurélie guarantees a professional, comprehensive and high quality serviceHer goal is to maximize the impact of your event and create an unique and original concept. We have a special goal that your guests live a magical experience during the all trip and wedding!